I am using Blender to make models for 3D printing. I always export my .blend files to .stl files and import into MakerBot.

Lets say I'm making a model with two cubes that I want to glue together with a boolean "union" operation. A very common pattern I've found is that I want to save my blender file with the two cubes separate, but every time I want to make an .stl file, I need to first apply the boolean operation, export as .stl, then close blender without saving.

Is there a way for me to export the .stl file as if I've applied the boolean operation, but keep the .blend file with the operation undone? thanks.

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    $\begingroup$ you don't need to really apply the modifier, just check the option apply modifiers in the export window $\endgroup$
    – Chebhou
    Apr 21 '15 at 8:47

Keep the modifiers in the file without applying and choose Apply modifiers in the exporter options , this way the exported objects will have the modifier applied but the original will not.

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