I created a material named pepper with Shader Editor :

Material pepper

It works fine when I manually apply the material to a mesh plane using the Material Property menu.

But then I tried to get the same result by applying this Geometry Node modifier (node_1) to a new object :

Geometry Node Node_1 modifier Geometry Node

The result is on the left side : a red plane with no image.

Any idea on what I did wrong ?

(I am using blender 3.4)


  • $\begingroup$ What went wrong is you didn't UV unwrap your procedural plane. This is why it has a color existing on the image texture, but it's a solid color (it's a color in the bottom-left of the texture, at <0, 0> coordinate). $\endgroup$ Feb 22 at 23:28

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As Markus von Broady pointed out to me (thanks to him), my problem is that I have not unwrapped my procedural plane. After a short search on the internet I found this tutorial that explains step by step how to unwrap an object from Goemetry Node in blender 3.3 alpha.

First, we need to add an Attribute Node to the pepper material definition with the name UVvector for example:

New pepper material

Then in Geometry Node, add a UV Unwrap node and link it to Material Output.

New Geometry Node

Finally, the name of the UVvector attribute must be added to the definition of the output modifier

New modifier parameters

And it all works!

it all works

  • $\begingroup$ Keep in mind that there's a "grid" node that comes with uv_map attribute already containing the default uv map for a plane. $\endgroup$ Feb 23 at 9:41

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