first post ever so thanks in advance for any help you would provide.

To summarize what I'm trying to create: I want to scatter 3 different size crystals on a curved 3D object. The crystals position is defined, but I try to not have to do the placement by hand (there are quite a lot).

i was thinking on making 3 masks/textures (one for each crystal) an use them to drive the scatter of objects, using also minimum distance to actually place one for each "dot" i paint in the texture. Would this make sense?

I see that many other posts/tutorials refer to vertex maps, but since the placement will be uneven, i would also need to subdivide the pobject to much to have enough control on the vertex to paint.

I'm new to geometry nodes, so i cannot figure out how to proceed. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Bests, Benny



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