I am using this plugin (modified to make it work in Blender 3.2) to export my meshes as an SVG with a stroke and fills. It has 2 scripts I am using: svg_object_fill.py (fills the mesh with base color) and svg_visible.py (adds strokes):

enter image description here

The plugin works well except when meshes overlap each other:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The stroke works perfectly but the fill does not.

My ideal solution (the stroke color is off but whatever):

enter image description here

I edited svg_object_fill.py to try to change how it filters but I am way out of my depth with Freestyle scripting:

# upred = AndUP1D(
#     ContourUP1D(),
#     NotUP1D(pyIsOccludedByItselfUP1D()),
# )
# Operators.select(upred)

upred = AndUP1D(

Which gives me different but looking better results:

enter image description here

If anyone knows Freestyle scripting - what can I do to achieve what I want?



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