I am scattering a collection of objects on a mesh through the Instances on Points node using Geometry Nodes. The Collection Info node is going into the Instance slot on the Instances on Points node. The checkbox for Pick Instance is turned on.

How would I be able to control how much of each instance is being 'picked'?


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The instances of a collection are selected according to the order in which they are stored in the collection.

This order is determined by the name of the object (alphabetical sorting).

So if you have the following objects, they have the following index

Name Index
Cube 0
Cube.001 1
Cube.002 2

If you have now activated Pick Instances and use a value at Instance Index, always the object with the corresponding index from your collection will be used.

So to be able to selectively or with a certain probability use objects from your collection, you would have to pass the corresponding values to the Instance Index input.

enter image description here

For example, if a value is passed that exceeds the number of objects in your collection, the count starts again at $0$, so your first object is selected.

This is illustrated in the following table:

Instance Index Name Object Index
0 Cube 0
1 Cube.001 1
2 Cube.002 2
3 Cube 0
4 Cube.001 1
5 Cube.002 2
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