I want to add keyframe for position of an Image strip with python in video sequence editor.

enter image description here

I set the value like this:

 strip = bpy.context.scene.sequence_editor.sequences_all[f"{Name}.png"]
 strip.transform.offset_y = -442.5
 strip.transform.offset_x = 820

And I want to insert a keyframe at frame 1.

strip.keyframe_insert(data_path="transform.offset_x", frame=1)

I can't figure out what data_path to use I tried 'transform.offset_x', 'transform' and many more but it either does not exist or "is not animatable".


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import bpy

strip = bpy.context.scene.sequence_editor.sequences_all[0]
strip.transform.offset_y = -5
strip.transform.keyframe_insert(data_path="offset_y", frame=1)
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