I'm trying to adjust a volumetric texture on a torus object.

Some details on this object:

  • The material is a volume whose density is driven by a texture.
  • This texture is a procedural one such as marble/musgrave.
  • This texture is mapped on the object (the torus) with a tube projection.

My problem is that I whish to position and stretch this texture tangentially around the torus and I didn't manage to get this result. I tried many settings and I didn't succeed.

Here are some results I obtained :

enter image description here enter image description here

And nearly what I would like :

enter image description here

I thought that in a tube projection, the y coordinate was the angle of rotation but I think I didn't undertand how Blender projection system is working.

I also tried to change the projection system to sphere and the mapping coordinates to global but it didn't work

enter image description here

My questions are :

  • Have you ever succed to apply a texture tangentially (or radially) on any object ?
  • Do you have some hints/explanations on the blender projection system (especially tube and spheric projection) ?
  • Do you know other ways to do that ?

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I was able to get a radial result:

enter image description here

The key is to use a 'Blend' type texture (instead of marble) as this has the option to do radial mapping:

enter image description here

I use a custom ramp for the black and white bars (set to 'constant' blending), a radial blend and default mapping settings.

One other setting which has to be enabled is 'RGB to intensity':

enter image description here

I use the default volume settings for the material, apart from 'Density' which is 0.

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