Unable to play tracks Simultaneously

I am trying to tweak an imported FBX animation.

I have created an action and brought it into the NLA in order to tweak the rotation of the arms which have for some reason become offset.*

Initially it worked correctly. I am experimenting between "combine" and "add" modes, but now I cannot playback the tweak strip and the main animation together. Note that I cannot have the "stars" selected together, and there is no check box for the lower animation. If I select the lower strips star, then the lower strip is played.

In audio terms it seems like these tracks are being solo'd and I can't get out of solo mode.

NB. It is not possible to upload the blend file of this.

Lower strip selected

*I am trying to find a work flow in order to combine a rig with mocap animations esp from mixamo, but it's just crazy how every possible workflow either does not work is or is beset with issues. In this case, in order to try and make sure that an armature will work with animations, I uploaded and fbx of the armature I used for my character to Mixamo, to ensure that the animations would be compatible. They aren't always even with Mixamo. I set up a proxy file using the Y bot and the armature I uploaded in a T-pose. Working with the proxy I got the animation I wanted, but using the same action appended to my character yielded crazy results. If someone could point me to a workflow that is reliable, I would highly appreciate it. Believe me, I have trawled the internet for this, and the Mixamo/Rig is the closest (CGdive) but it just isn't working.



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