I'm trying to render (in Cycles, Blender 3.0.0, can upgrade if it helps) an image that combines surface shading and Freestyle. I need to be able to combine these using the Z Combine node, but it's not working. I have Z passes turned on for both render layers, but no matter how I connect up the inputs to the Z Combine node, I either get the Freestyle lines fully infront or fully behind the shaded pass.

It's looking like the Freestyle render doesn't actually render into the depth buffer. Is this true? If so, what's my workaround? I can't go trimming in Photoshop as I'll be animating a camera orbiting around the model!

Any pointers will be much appreciated!

Freestyle fully behind

Freestyle fully infront

  • $\begingroup$ Sure enough... the Freestyle Z pass has nothing in it. It's just white in the viewer, sigh. $\endgroup$ Feb 6 at 22:49


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