I am writting a script to import a 2D DXF and turn it into 3D. I have to convert curves into meshes. I manage to do it in Python console but the same Python code in a script has no effect (no errors and curves are not converted).

Here is the code :

import bpy

scene = bpy.context.scene

# Cleaning the scene

# Importing DXF file
bpy.ops.import_scene.dxf('INVOKE_DEFAULT') # if i use Blender GUI
#bpy.ops.import_scene.dxf(filepath="/home/liquidus88/model.dxf") #if i do not use Blender GUI (start from terminal)

# Converting curves to meshes
for obj in scene.objects:
    scene.objects.active = obj
    obj.select = True
    obj.select = False


This code work (curves are converted) in these cases:

  • I run it in Python console
  • I run it as a script without the Blender GUI (in terminal with blender --background --python script.py)

And does not work (curves are NOT converted) in these cases:

  • I run it from Blender text editor with the "Run script" button
  • I convert it as an addon and run it by using the addon

I really need to be able to use this code as an addon, any idea why it does not work in the cases i mentioned above ?


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