I have a UI List with custom item properties. For the items, I have a class with an enum property with three options.

class MYLIST_props(PropertyGroup):
    myEnum: bpy.props.EnumProperty(name="", items=[('A', "Apple", ""), ('B', "Banana", ""), ('C', "Cherry", "")])

The way I currently display the items in the list:

class MYLIST_UL_UIList(UIList):
    def draw_item(self, context, layout, data, item, icon, active_data, active_propname, index):
        scene = context.scene
        split = layout.split(factor=0.33)
        split.prop(item, "myEnum")

How could I change the "split.label(text=str(item.myEnum))" to display the name instead of the identifier? So I would get values like Apple, Banana, Cherry, and not A, B, or C?



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