Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler I am just starting down the path of creating a 3D representation of Jesus in this painting. I am wanting to do so because ultimately I want to create a “depth map” from that 3D representation of Jesus. Here is an example of a depth map of a horse (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3535393/) I’m new to 3D. I’ve seen a few videos on blocking for Sculpting. However, most used symmetrical reference images and side views as well. I unfortunately just have the painting as a reference image, which has Jesus’s body and head turned along with his arm and hand gestures. I only need to produce a 3D sculpt or model for what is visible on Jesus’ body and clothes. The unseen portions (his backside apparel) is not needed as I will not be animating.

I would very much appreciate any suggestion as to what method I should follow for achieving my initial goal (a 3D posed Jesus) that “exactly” mirrors the contours and structures of the Jesus in the painting. I’m very willing to follow a video in order to follow the proper way of tackling this project …and then adjust what I am learning through it to meet my needs. I just don’t want to start down the wrong path simply because I didn’t get input from knowledgeable artists like those on this forum. Thank you.



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