In After Effects, you can affect the curve of a motion path without inserting any extra keys:

Straight motion path in After Effects

Linear, straight motion path

Curved motion path in After Effects

Same keys, same speed - but now the null will follow a curve

I know Blender has a "calculate motion paths" option where you can see what the motion paths will be, but it seems to have two huge disadvantages: first, you have to manually calculate it each time, and second, you can't drag vertices or handles around to interactively change the interpolation between keys. Also, it's slooooow.

Is there a way to get AE-style, interactive motion paths in Blender somehow? It's a real pain trying to either guess what a curved path will look like in 3d space from the x, y and z paths in the curve editor, or inserting a ton of extra keys I don't need.



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