I want to make random color depending on face position in Blender 3.4. I use geometry nodes to save attributes and use them in my shader. I get the following behavior depending on the renderer

Vieport Vieport Cycles Cycles Eevee Eevee Shader Shader GeoNodes GeoNodes

Is it possible to get not glitching colors in Eevee (Vieport as well)? The setup seems to kind of work but not very well.


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According to the documentation, bad precision may have significant impact on the output of White Noise node. Cycles has better precision, so you don't face errors then using it. Try to eliminate this bias by rounding the value to an acceptable accuracy, using Vector Math node:

enter image description here

Or simply use Noise texture with Perlin noise.


As sometimes happens. As soon as I post the question I got the answer myself.

Seems like White Noise is not working as stable in Eevee as it works in Cycles... Replacing White Noise node with simple Noise Texture solved the problem.


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