I'm currently in a bit of a pickle because of how I handled actions with this file. I have two armatures in my project, one for the viewmodel hands and one for the gun. Instead of animating them both on the same action, I chose to have an individual action for each armature for every animation, and both would be played simultaneously for each animation.

However, I've learned that in Unity, playing two animation clips at a time requires some extra stuff that would make my project a bit fragile considering how I've structured it. So, in order to avoid having to change the code if in the future I redo these animations, I want to combine the two associated actions into one.

In short, I want to combine the keyframes from "Hands.Shotgun.Inspect" with "Shotgun.Inspect" into one action. Is there an easy way to do this, or will I have to do this manually? I don't want to bake them together, since that destroys the keyframe information.

My current NLA editor, with all of the actions laid out.



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