I have a number of different rigged characters that are all made with the same method, and I am using them linked via library override, but two specific ones make blender constantly min-hang.

  • Actions as simple as selecting a bone will make blender hang for up to 10 seconds, each time, rendering blender unusable.

I'm not expecting anyone to know how to fix it, but I'd love help figuring out how to even begin troubleshooting.

To give more info, here is my setup: Each character consists of some meshes (body, hair, clothes, etc) and a modified rigify rig. Nothing too fancy, except for the fact that bones on the rig drive shape keys on the meshes. I have a number of them, all made with the same templates, using the same scripts to help with rigging, etc. They should all work the same.

I use them via: Making a new file for my scene, linking the collection containing the character in the original character file, and making a library override in my scene. From there I can use the rig and everything works as expected, for most of them.

But for two of them, that as far as I can tell are no different from the others, I get the weird behavior described above: Blender constantly hanging for around 10 seconds when I do just about anything. Even trying to rename an unrelated collection causes it. Additionally, distressingly often when I am using one of the glitched characters, a file I was working on will just decide to hang blender forever when trying to open it, permanently, so I lose all of my work.

It only happens with certain characters. And when I use an older version of blender and use the characters via a proxy workflow, everything is fine. It's driving me crazy, and is being a complete show-stopper for a project. I'm not seeing anything unusual or helpful in the console.

Does anyone have suggestions as to where I should even start looking? I'm at a loss.



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