the Camera view's gutter

I often find that when hopping into a Camera view, the margins in the 3D Viewport are quite large. I do not want to change my camera settings. Instead this is a bit of a GUI artifact of the arbitrary aspect ratios I've chosen in the Editor arrangement in a given Workspace.

It seems to use the height or width (whichever Editor dimension is smallest compared to the Camera's Output Properties' dimensions/ratio, so it surely fits), then further scale down by some unknown fraction and minimum pixel distance.

GUI-only scaling while Framing a shot

I did note that Editor menubar → View → Cameras → Frame Camera Bounds directly resizes the shot framing I'm referring to. It's not ideal as it strictly uses the Editor bounds, and may obscure the scene behind Gizmos and Overlays. I've kluged up the following little routine to inaccurately but precisely control the framing.

  1. Visually memorize a guess at the height or width I want to control the Frame.
  2. Resize the Window or Editor until the 3D Viewport is a bit smaller than that height or width.
  3. Move the cursor over the 3D Viewport and press ⇱ Home or choose Frame Camera Bounds from the menus.
  4. Undo the resizing from step 2.

screen recording of a Blender camera view being reframed in the window by resizing, pressing the Home key, and restoring the sizing; meanwhile the camera settings shown and its 3d view itself remain unchanged.

The above accomplishes the scaling-up (or down), with some margin for tools, overlays, sidebars and such (when not in such a tiny window for a screen capture). It's not accurate since it still resizes when I re-enlarge the Editor, but it's close enough. Most importantly, since this is purely a GUI change, Frame Camera Bounds does not affect the Camera's shot at all, not as seen rendered inside the frame, nor any of the camera's settings.

the right way

What setting does Frame Camera Bounds actually change? Is there a better place to fine-tune it? Is there some better way to scale the frame and its view without affecting the camera?



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