So i was a beginner i was using blender for a couple of days and today i opend blender i clicked on one object at first and couldn't select any other object even I'm not in edit mode and whenever i click on any object,the option in bottom left corner pop up's say's "convert to" After clicking and changing it into mesh (it was in curves) but it was still converted in to curves don't know why, can you guys help me with that please

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    $\begingroup$ Please add a screenshot of your Blender screen to your question. You can create this in Blender from the Window > Save screenshot menu and then edit the image into your question. It would also be good if you could share your Blend file so that we can see what's going on: blend-exchange.com and follow the instructions on that page. $\endgroup$
    – John Eason
    Jan 9 at 15:27


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