I am creating this fps game in the bge and since I was planning on having incredibly large terrain, I was planning on implementing some code for adding level of detail to the terrain mesh. I know people usually just replace the mesh with a premodeled mesh with fewer polygonsbut my issue is adding different lods on the same mesh. I was thinking of assigning a vertex group to the mesh based around the players location and using code to move the vertex group when the player moves and anything outside the vertex group would have a decimate modifier. However I am not sure how practical this is. Are there better, faster ways to do this? Thanx in advance for the answers.


You can do this on an object by object basis quite easily, there is a built in feature specifically for Level Of Detail configuration. Under the Object tab in the Properties panel, you will see a Level of Detail menu. Click Add, then select the mesh you want from the dropdown and set the distance you want it to become visible at.

Level Of Detail

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