I'm wondering if theres an option im not seeing of toggling an object off/on in both viewports and rendering? Im a concept artist so i do a lot of iteration with duplicate objects, and its frustrating to render a scene i'm happy with, wait for the render to load, and then see that an object whose visibility was turnned off in the viewport is still turned on in the render. I would love a single toggle button in the Scene Outliner that disables/enables an object both renders and viewports simultaneously. Or maybe a way to link the action of disabling in viewport to disabling in render?

Thanks in advance


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I'm still learning scripting and tried to make a script for what seems simple. But couldn't find basic info that would help with turning off rendering for selected objects.

So my simple suggestion is to make a Collection and called it something like "No_Vis_Rend" and turn off the Visibility and Rendering for the collection.

Then once you need to hide certain objects, select them and press "m" then find the :No_VisRend" collection click to put them in and boop they will not be visible nor rendered.


So, my son made me this python script that I can run to syncs the Viewport Vis to the Render Vis, but I have to manually run it each time, and it also doesn't work if the visibility is animated. If you're just doing concept work, maybe it will work for you!

import bpy

def vis_sync(sence, thing1=None, thing2=None):
    for obj in bpy.data.objects:
        if obj.hide_viewport != obj.hide_render:
            obj.hide_render = obj.hide_viewport

check = False
for function in bpy.app.handlers.render_pre:
    if function.__name__ == vis_sync.__name__:
        check = True

if not check:

I would love a real solution to this as well. I really don't understand why there are two toggles in the first place.

  • $\begingroup$ Two toggles are needed. A lot of people use them. I may work on a large scene that would lag in my viewport with everything visible, but I definitely want everything to render when I hit render. This happens a lot with certain types of work Blender can be used for. $\endgroup$ May 6 at 7:38

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