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Hi community,

I want to constantly move scattered geometry along the curve (bending straw) using geometry nodes. (picture above)

Similar to curve modifier x location offset but only on selected distance. It's quite common problem and I couldn't find any answer yet. Probably the best and fastest results could be achieved using geometry nodes, but I'm open to other ideas too. Fading in and out (changing transparency locally using proximity node would be nice addition but not required)

UPDATE: I found out simmilar example by youtuber Cartesian Caramel: Traffic system https://youtu.be/yqTXiw6MJgI enter image description here It's near but: 1. geometry (straw) should bend on corners (like with array+ curve modifier setup) 2.Scattering is a bit odd-not uniform (packed all over one point)

I know some node setup must be added after straw geometry (my red mark, picture 2) to force it to bend, but I can't get to it yet and i haven't been able to incorporate any other bend mechanic to my example. (like this: https://youtu.be/M-fOsAcGtFg) Deform object along curve



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