So for test I just added a Cube, top quad to one element, bottom quad to one element. Convert Mesh to Curve, you can see they are closed curves. Using Properties - Geometry - Bevel - Round

it actually does not have a Round profile, its "squished"

How can I make them totally round profile with Curve or with Splines methods? That should be possible, actually...

enter image description here


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Okay, I found a solution. Because it actually works with e.g. Curve - Rectangle or Curve - Angle and add another point for Rectangle.

If you have a Mesh, for instance a plane, and convert it to curve. It must be in localspace only x and y and then it must be set to 2D in Curve Properties Shape and Fill Mode: None

Then the round bevel is even circular. And then you must rotate the object in worldspace only. That's limiting workflow. But it works... Idk if this is actually a bug in 3D mode.

enter image description here

They also have the nicer function for 3D curve-type in development for a long time, but it's not easily to implement in existing blender versions.

Also with Geometry Nodes are good solutions: https://blenderartists.org/t/z-curve-sweeper-for-blender-3-0-curve-to-mesh-with-superpowers/1365277


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