I have rigged my character and I parented a cloth simmed cloak to the rig. I can move the character to a different location but as soon as I play the animation, the cloak snaps back to the origin but still animates as if it's still on the character.

I have parented the animated cloak to my rig. At this point, I can change the pose and the cloak will react properly.

Image number 1

Still on frame 1, I've moved the entire rig back to the position I want him to start.

Image number 2

Now, when I move 1 frame forward, the cloak moves to the cursor. The origin point stays with the rig.

Image number 3

I know it has to be something simple. Just can't figure it out. I'm still a noob.

Here's a video showing what I mean.

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  • $\begingroup$ Ok thank you. I will add some screenshots. I'm still kind of new so it's difficult to articulate what I want to say. I will try to add more detail. $\endgroup$
    – Jay
    Dec 15, 2022 at 1:24

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Delete the cloth sim animation cache. Animate your character. Re-bake cloth sim.


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