I'm in a situation where I have to handover 3D objects made inside Blender to a friend who'll composite them in Nuke. My first attempt at this was to bake the textures and handover the 3D objects in .fbx format. However, the resulting baked textures aren't as good as they look inside Blender (which is solely due to my inexperience).

Objects that use the principled BSDF or PBR textures look okay with baked textures but not the ones which use Glass shaders. I've tried numerous methods to replicate the look of actual glass by tweaking the principled BSDF. The result is good enough inside the main Blender file but when baked and exported as .fbx, the result is very different.

So, I was thinking of asking for the camera tracking data from Nuke that I can import in Blender. This way, I could just export .exr files and not the actual 3D objects. However, my friend says that he's been manually tracking the camera and the manual track cannot be exported from Nuke.

This is the first time I'm trying to do this so I'm a little confused. I barely have enough knowledge of Blender so I am in no situation to know how things work inside Nuke. Could anyone please help me with this ? Thanks a lot !



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