I've setup a plane with a particle emitter system. When I render the footage and the particles are glowing. Where do I find the settings for that?

  • $\begingroup$ You're rendering the particles as halos (the default). You can render a sphere object for every particle if you set the render type to "Object" in the particle settings, then select a sphere object in the dropdown. $\endgroup$ – CharlesL Sep 11 '13 at 1:15

As mentioned by CharlesL, that glow is caused when the particles are rendered with Halo selected in Particle settings > Render:

enter image description here

From the wiki:

Particles may be rendered as:

Halos (for Flames, Smoke, Clouds).
Meshes which in turn may be animated (e.g. fish, bees, …). In these cases, each particle “carries” another object.
Strands (for Hair, Fur, Grass); the complete way of a particle will be shown as a strand. These strands can be manipulated in the 3D window (combing, adding, cutting, moving, etc).

To render a surface, you can change the rendered type to Object (to render a copy of an object in place of the particle) or Group (to randomly select the object from a group of objects)

You can change the halo settings by adding a halo material to the emitter object and changing the Material setting to the appropriate value in Particle settings > Render

The other options are

  • None fairly self-explanatory, do not render particles

  • Line Render a line along the vector of the particle

  • Path Used with hair particles

  • Billboard Render 2D planes at a fixed angle to the camera


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