im using blender 3.3 to sculpt my projects , I've already reduced down Undo memory limit to 500 mb , but a 3mil sculpted mesh takes 16gb of my memory , the thing is when i save my work and revert the file it reduces memory usage to 3gb , i tested this on another pc with 8gb memory , the same story happens and i can not continue working , so there is a thing either undo memory limit is not working or this is a bug that does have nothing to do with undo memory please help . also please guide me to diagnose the problem .


So i have tested the software by disabling Undo memory completely ( in which undo doesn't work anymore ) , then created a simple cube and remeshed that cube to a 1mil mesh , then copied that mesh until my memory fills up , then removed extra copies of meshes (and scene remains empty) but memory is still filled up and and if i add anything it'll increase memory (up from point that i deleted those cubes )



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