I have Blender 2.73a and I am working on a movie project. I want to make HUD-like text since there are no voiceovers. I want the text to be like it is in The Legend of Zelda where it displays the text since that has no voiceovers also. It will be something like this
(source: deviantart.net) .


You can create a text object and a plane that is translucent/transparent.

enter image description here

Add a copy rotation constraint using the camera as target (so that both objects are parallel to the camera).

enter image description here

Material for the plane:

enter image description here

Material for the text:

enter image description here

If you have a lot of titles you might need to create the titles as a separate scene and render each one as a PNG file to composite later.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ This is a feasible hack, but unfortunately not a nice one: It is hard to switch the text during the movie. Furthermore you have to use even more hacky techniques to keep the text at a cut (changing camera/perspective). $\endgroup$ – quiliup Mar 28 '19 at 17:45

Overlays are easy!

This is a classic case for post processing. Since Blender isn't the choice for typesetting 2D-Text, the overlay text should be made with a different program (this here was made with GIMP): overlay

notice that the background is transparent. Next follows your blender scene, for example


The right way of overlaying text (also subtitles) for movies is with the sequencer:

  1. create a new (empty) scene
  2. go to the Video Sequencer
  3. Add > Scene > [Name of your first scene]
  4. Add > Image > choose your previously created overlay
  5. set the Blend-mode to Alpha Over

This way changing your characters speech bubble is easy by just overlaying a different text:


You can let your characters speak even with changing camera because the text is overlayed in the video sequencer. Here you see the result: suzanne speaking



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