I'm searching a way to sculpt (with dyntopo enabled) a textured mesh. What I want to do is load an image texture (a portrait) and sculpt it.

Thing is, when I enable dyntopo in sculpt mode, I get this warning and the texture is hidden until I exit the sculpt mode :

enter image description here

I understand the "concept" of this problem (mesh is edited > UVs are changing > image mapping is changing); but I need to be able to do this - I cannot sculpt without seeing my picture. Of course, I could disable dyntopo, but then I don't have the precision I need.

  • I've tested using the UV project modifier (does the same)
  • I've also tested sculpting my mesh in wireframe mode, on a reference image / camera background image : it works, but I don't get the "feeling" of what i'm sculpting.

Is there a way to achieve this ?

A thing that could help would be to have a way to "unsync" modes between two viewport panes (one would be in sculpt mode, the other would be locked in object mode). But I don't know if this exists.

Any ideas to help me on this ?

Thanks !


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When you use the Generated or Object output of the Texture Coordinate node, you can use Dyntopo in Sculpt Mode. The question is if this mapping suits your needs and how usable it will be after you've begun sculpting. So this may be not the best answer.

dyntopo texture

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