I have a lot of objects that I want to use the same material, but set (animate) a single custom property of each object which will be used for the material setting of each individual object.

If I create a custom property on my object(s), then copy and paste that as a driver into the material (value) - the pasted driver requires me to specify a specific object. Therefore, every object that uses this material would be driven from that specific object.

Is there a way I can make the driver use the property of "whatever object" the material is being applied to?

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The Attribute node can be used to access custom properties of the current object from a material.

Set the Type to "Object" and put the name of the custom property in Name. For example, this will use the custom property "prop" to change the Base Color of the material.

Attribute node with Name "prop" used with a ColorRamp for Base Color


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