I intentionally deleted the bones for teeth and tongues, while using the rigify add-on. I am using the human meta rig. I was not aware of this previously. Those bones were completely unnecessary, so I thought I would simply remove them. While trying to generate the rig, it is giving errors like those particular bones not found type of error. I cannot recover the file because this mistake was done in the earlier stage. So, it's lost. Besides that, for the missing teeth part, I recreated bones, renamed them, and parented to the spine, so the error was gone. But for the tongue, I added another bone, named it tongue, then extruded it, like making tongue.001 to tongue.003. I parented this tongue to face bones, same error. Has anybody ever faced this? I even tried transferring the constraints from a duplicate meta rig, did copying pasting things, nothing is working. Need help sorting this out, will be grateful. Thanks!


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None of the answers on the internet worked for me. So, I had to start from scratch observing a fresh meta rig and configure new bones to the problem. Here is the complete video solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8S8G2zeEQ8

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