thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this problem.

I have a 2D mesh plane with a displacement showing digital elevation model (DEM) data sub divided into numerous faces. Some of the faces on the edge of my model are not at the correct elevation as shown in the picture below. I don't even think they are faces, they are just a single line. enter image description here

As you can see in the top corner there are two segments that are vertical that is a result of no data values in my DEM. I would like to use the extrude tool to just lower those edges to match the landscape. I have tried using the extrude tool and looking online for resources but i am coming up short. This is what it looks like when I've tried to use the extrude tool (same spot different angle). enter image description here Here's another photo of the issue in edit mode. enter image description here

I went into edit mode, selected the vertices I want to extrude down, and I've tried dragging along the Z axis and also changing the scene orientation to XYZ and just entering in the item tab on the side a lower Z value however it keeps looking weird.

I'm sure there's some easy way to do this I am overlooking. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again (:



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