I have a sky dome where I’m trying to display a planet using a procedural sky shader. So far, the shader works correctly, except for one thing: the mapping. I’m not able to position the planet image correctly. The spheric mapping with the sky dome seems to be a problem.

I have included my shader below with a picture of the sky dome. Note that the values are a workaround or a hack to be able to display a decal on the sphere. With that kind of setup, I’m not able to rotate the decal properly. At the moment, there are two images opposite being displayed and any rotation creates a deformation in the decal.

I saw alternatives to use a shrink wrap modifier. It could do the job for many situations, but the sky is procedural and I need to have access to the planet sprite.

Does anyone know how to map an image on a sphere with rotation mapping?


Sky dome preview



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