I have made a particle system with vine leaves to be attached to a branch. But the leaf particles are too distant from my main object. I cant figure out in the settings how to get them closers to the branch.

enter image description here


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Your "leaf" Particles are far from the emitter object because your leaf Object (the one you're using to instance the particles) is offset from its own origin point (see image below):


Since your object is rather simple, it is easy to fix - just select the object and select "Geometry to Origin" - this will put the leaf at it's own origin (which also happens to be the world origin).


The result after the operation looks like this. You will see that the leafs are partially "inside" the emitter tree - this is because the last operation placed the geometry so the origin is right in the center: Leaf3

To fix this, just enter edit mode, select the whole mesh and move it "up" so the origin point is at the base of the leaf stem.



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