I would like to make this, but with randomly generated points for each ball. This should be in 3D and the circles should be balls. The values could either be hand-animated or from scene time.

It is surprisingly difficult, my tests didn't yield very presentable results :(

enter image description here


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enter image description here

Starts with a single seed point and then "explodes" the points by generating a number of child particles in several stages. Each particle has a randomized lifetime. The output of each stage consists of alive and dead particles. The dead particles are then exploded in the next stage, and discarded after the final stage. enter image description here

To explode a set of points, first a number of child particles is generated. Then a bunch of attributes need to be initialized:

  • lifetime and start_time are needed to determine when the particle dies and explodes itself.
  • start_position and velocity are needed for animation
  • level can be used to distinguish different particle stages later on
  • ID is generated to give each particle a consistent unique value for randomization. Just using the plain Index would not work because adding and removing particles changes the index.
  • A custom seed should be used for each stage. enter image description here

Finally particles are animated very simply with linear movement. The node group also separates out dead particles for further explosion or discarding.enter image description here

After generating all the points we can then do the usual instancing. Play with the named attributes: use the different levels, animate over lifetime, etc. enter image description here


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