I have rigged my character using Rigify and everything seems solid, but when I start to make my shape keys things start to be wonky.

  1. I set my armature pose: base pose of Blender armature

  2. I go to my object modifier and save as a shape key: Blender shape key saved

  3. Value of the shape key is 0. If I try to use the shape key, it adds the value on, and I can't reset the pose to default, so I end up having to manually undo all of the posing in order to get it the proper weight.

What am I doing wrong here?


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Shape kesy are addictive, and they should be used, in a rigged face, to perform little corrections or deformations that can't be achieved with bones only: your pose can be saved in a bone Pose Library and recalled as it is using standard bone animation.


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