I am working with several alembic files, some of them work flawlessly in blender, but most have frames that are duplicated. I have seen that others have struggled (in blender) with frame numbers that are high, and some of the alembics start at very high frame numbers.

So far, I have tried importing just the abc file in blender to create a minimum working environment. I have checked and double checked the framerate of both the alembic and the blender project, they are both at 30 fps.

I have tried changing the smoothing, set up keyframes, but nothing has worked.

For reference, I don't think anything is wrong with the alembics. I imported them into Cinema4D and they are working just fine. I imagine there is something I am missing, or a knob I need to turn.

Is there anything I should try, or some angle I should explore?



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