As a beginner I am trying to follow a tutorial and learn by doing. My principle Volume doesnt work the way it is inteded to. Everything above 0 density makes everything appear white. I have searched for this particular issue but couldnt find a solution to it.

It should look like this: enter image description here

But instead looks like this: enter image description here

Any input? The lighting in general is giving me trouble, but this one i am unable to fix after tinkering for 2 hours.

Updated file link: Blender File

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    – Arikon
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  • $\begingroup$ pls add the link to the tutorial as well - thx $\endgroup$
    – Chris
    Oct 3, 2022 at 15:52

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So just matching your reference setup:

  1. I removed the two extra lights, leaving just the area backlight with it's position and rotation straightened out.
  2. I moved everything closer and scaled down the logo and volume objects.
  3. Then I set the volume density to 0.64 to match the reference setup and tweaked the area light strength to match.


So that should be a good starting point. The main problems with your setup were:

  • The volume is too big, the reference is only one or two meters between objects.
  • The extra sun light is so bright it is blowing out the entire volume. Based on the reference setup, you wouldn't even want a sun since it will add light to the entire volume.


  1. Delete the sun and spot lights
  2. Turn up the strength on the area light and move it closer

Alternate setup


Your sun light is much too strong, lower it down to something like 4. Also don't forget to increase the End Distance of the volumetrics in the Render panel, or it will be cut off:

enter image description here


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