Does anybody have ever dealt with camera import from blender to houdini? Recently I'm dealing with some projects that needs this step but when I do the fbx import, all the settings are completely wrong.

I know the difference between the axis system between the softwares, but also the rotation goes wrong. I didn't manage to find nothing, a constant or a matrix in order to fix this.

Does anybody have an idea or suggestion? Thanks in advance


I manage to get the right position with the format FBX 6.1 ASCII with Y up and X forward but the orientation still doesn't fit. (Blender 2.73 and Houdini 12.5)

Camera in Blender Camera in Houdini

  • $\begingroup$ possible duplicate of Camera facing backwards when exported as FBX and imported to Fusion 7 $\endgroup$ – p2or Mar 24 '15 at 17:50
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks to you @poor I manage to get the right position, but not the orientation. see the edit $\endgroup$ – UncleSax Mar 25 '15 at 9:45
  • $\begingroup$ You can put an empty and also export it. And setup camera to "track to empty" in Houdini. $\endgroup$ – zebus3d Nov 26 '15 at 11:04

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