• 1.For ShaderNodeValToRGB, how can I get color_ramp on the node by Python API suppose I do not know it is ShaderNodeValToRGB? I want to automatically get the ShaderNodeValToRGB and its property color_ramp which can be changed on the node and ignore all other properties.
  • 2.Same as above for ShaderNodeTexNoise, how can I get noise_dimensions and its value by API? I use ShaderNodeTexNoise.rna_type.properties to list all the property including noise_dimensions, but I only want to list noise_dimensions and its values not including other properties which are not included on the node.

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What I do when I don't know stuff is I create a sample so in this case an object with a material and ColorRamp node, open Python console and use it's Autocomplete function (Tab) to find out what stuff is available in the API.

So first I find the node and see what else is in it: enter image description here

when I see something interesting, I explore that: enter image description here

It seems like something called 'elements' might be a list of something so I try to access it's first element: enter image description here

After I find that it has color I check it's values and compare it with my node and if I change the second color to red the values of element[1].color also change so I found the color ramp:

enter image description here

You can also try changing stuff from Python Console:

enter image description here

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