I am trying to understand how the "UV Unwrap" node works and created a very simple setup to test it.

In doing so, I came up with an unexpected result:

un unwrap setup

To my understanding, this setup should mark all edges as seams. Unwrapping from there should result in square shaped UV maps. From what I can see, however, the results are not square and the shapes are rotated.

I expect square texture areas on each side, not stretched or rotated.


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The reason why this does not work for you as expected is because a UV map is always defined in the domain Face Corner.

A face consists of several corner points, and exactly these positions are defined with a UV-Map.

In your case you would have to change the Attribute Domain to Face Corner in the Group Output:

enter image description here

By the way, another option would be to use the node Store Named Attribute if you want to:

enter image description here

PS: by the way, the documentation for UV Unwrap Node states: "The node implicitly performs a Pack Islands operation upon completion, because the results may not be generally useful otherwise."

This means that strictly speaking you don't need the Pack UV Islands node.


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