Whenever I use the Instance on Points node to create instances of an object on a surface I find that the instances will change size and distort when I change the size of the object that I apply the Geometry Nodes modifier to.

I would like to create my geometries in a way that is scale invariant, i. e. the instances have an absolute size and will just change in number when I change the size of the object.

Is there any easy way to achieve this?


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You can solve this by integrating the object to be scaled into another node tree with Object Info and the option Relative.

This way the scaling of the object in which the distribution of the points is done always stays the same, and only the size of the surface changes.

enter image description here

The only disadvantage of this variant is that it is not easy to animate, because with every change in the size of the surface, a redistribution of the points also happens.


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