I was trying to use the new hair feature of Blender 3.3.

I duplicated and separated the scalp of my model (⇧ ShiftD > P) and then added the Empty Hair object.

When I tried adding hair in Sculpt mode, I got the error Missing UV map for attaching curves on original surface, so I added a UV map named "UVMap".

I tried adding hair again, and now I have the error Invalid UV map: UV islands must not overlap.

I've tried unwrapping the UV map, but no luck there either...


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When you have an object selected and go to Add mesh > Curves > Empty Hair, what it does under the hood is:

  1. add an empty curve object;
  2. set it as child of the object you had selected;
  3. add a Geometry node modifier on the curve object;
  4. set up the curve data to use the selected object's surface and active UV map.

If your object don't have a UV map already done, you need to create it, then select the curve object, go to:
Properties Editor > Curve Data tab > Surface Panel
Write the name of the UV map you created. By default, it's UVMap.

Your UVs must have no overlap. There is no secret to this, select your mesh object, switch to Edit mode, and in the UV Editor, make sure all islands are not overlapping and have a bit of space between each other:

demo UV

After that, you should be able to select the curve object and switch to the sculpt mode to do your hair.


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