So I'm quite new to Blender, but have 15+ years with 3DS Max... so apologies if this is a basic error

I've tracked a drone shot and set up a 3D scene in Blender.

It seems to work OK, but the camera path (which seems to be dictated by a Camera Solver constraint) is a bit jumpy, and in a few instances jumps miles away from the scene.

I can see individual points on the track path but can't select or edit them, and no keyframe info appears in the timeline.

Do I need to bake the animation in there somehow?

I was hoping to be able to move/delete some of the camera path points as one could do in 3DS Max

Any help hugely appreciated

I'm off the tracking workspace now, as I've tracked and solved the camera movement. (Although in that graph editor I wasbt able to edit the movement of track points, only select and delete the whole track)

I've set up a 3D modelling scene now, and aligned the points to correct scale and X/Y/plane orientation.

It's the actual path of the solved camera that's the issue, as there are four points of the 300-or-so key frames that are way off, so the path has four random displacements during the movement.

I can select the camera itself, and the path points are visible, but I can't see any key frames related to the camera movement, and the path points can't be selected individually to refine the camera path.

  • $\begingroup$ Are you in the Motion Tracking workspace? You should be able to edit the location of individual tracks on a frame by frame basis with that workspace open as well as editing the graph with each track point and the key frames for each one as well. This is what I mean $\endgroup$
    – Jakemoyo
    Commented Aug 28, 2022 at 12:05

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You can press F3 > Bake Action (Object > Animation > Bake Action...) and in the popup window just make sure Visual Keying and Clear Constraints is checked as well as ensuring Bake Data is set to Object. Press Ok and it should have baked the camera solver to keyframes.


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