When I press 7, the view is as I need it. However, I would want it upside down.

Here is a screenshot of what I got and what I need.

How could I do this without actually rotating my model? Is would it be too complicated, and rotating my model around is way easier?

enter image description here


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I have the following setting in my Preferences > Keymap:

enter image description here

..which lets me roll my view with ShiftCtrlMouse Wheel Up / Mouse Wheel Down. The roll can be levelled at any time with one of the preset Numpad[x] views.


You can press Numpad 7 to switch to top view and then press Shift+Numpad 6 twelve (12) times to rotate perfectly upside down. Also check the official Navigating Documentation. Here's a list of other hotkeys. Note that the numbers are all Numpad keys.

Hotkey Description
1 Front view
Ctrl+1 Back view
2 Rotate view up
Ctrl+2 Pan view up
3 Left side view
Ctrl+3 Right side view
4 Rotate view left
Ctrl+4 Pan view left
5 Toggle perspective / orthographic view
6 Rotate view right
Ctrl+6 Pan view right
7 Top view
Ctrl+7 Bottom view
8 Rotate view down
Ctrl+8 Pan view down
9 Redraw screen
0 Camera view
Ctrl+Alt+0 Set camera to viewport
/ Toggle local view
Numpad . (dot / period) Zoom on selection
+ Zoom into view

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