I have a problem with constraints: I use Child Of constraints to animate the parent of objects (e.g. robot passes part to another robot). All objects should be grouped under a master parent (empty).

If an object has a Child Of contraint and at the same time is the child of the master parent, then it gets twice the values ​​and thus an offset.

The blue cube is bound to the master by Child Of and in the second screenshot in the hierarchy, an offset is created, when the master is moved.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The animation is baked and exported to a real-time engine (Unity), so it's important to me that the objects are neatly arranged in the hierarchy.

Is there a solution for this?


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There are 3 cubes, Red, Fawn & Blue.

Blue is a child of Fawn.

A master handle is parenting all 3. When the master moves, it takes Red & Fawn ok, but Blue would move twice the distance. That's because the child-of constraint is still parenting Blue to Fawn.

The solution, (if the Child-of constraint must remain) is to limit the master parent to just Red & Fawn. Blue will then follow Fawn normally, not the master and all 3 will move aligned.


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