I'm loading the file like this:

logic.LibLoad(logic.expandPath('//car.blend'), 'Scene', verbose=True, load_actions=True)

And I get my object (without using addObject() BTW, is it how it's done?) fine, I can basically do what I want with it. But I cannot seem to use its actions.

And at loading time I can see the action being loaded in the console output:

SceneName: Scene
ActionName: Car.flipOver

This is how I start the action:

    name = "Car.flipOver"
    start = 1.0
    end = 10.0
    layer = 0
    priority = 1
    blendin = 1.0
    mode = logic.KX_ACTION_MODE_PLAY
    layerWeight = 0.0
    ipoFlags = 1
    speed = 1.0

    # (tests to see if the car is stuck)

    self.playAction(name, start, end, layer, priority, blendin, mode, layerWeight, ipoFlags, speed)

Not only the action does not play, I get no warning or error message of any kind! (at least when you omit the load_action parameter you get a fair "failed to load action").
Can somebody explain to me how one can access actions in externally loaded .blend files.


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the problem seems to be in the playAction arguments exactly in ipoFlags = 1 it should be ipoFlags = 0

I have no idea why but this is what got it working at least in my test file


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