I added a Meta-Human Armature to these arms, and as their normal bones everything works fine. When I Generate a Rigify Rig off the armature, there's this setting "IK-FK (hand.L)" (or hand.R) where if it is 0, the red (FK) works fine. IK-FK hand.L: 0, FK works, IK does not But if I change this value to 1, all greens (FK) work now, but the reds (FK) do not. Those parts of the rig move, but the mesh does not move with them. IK-FK hand.L: 1, FK does not work, IK does I can set this value to 0.5, and then both half-work. The rig moves, but the mesh only moves half the distance it should. IK-FK hand.L: 0.5, FK and IK work partially

Is there a way to make both of these parts of the rig work at the same time?


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This is normal. Only one control type can be active.

There is IK > FK and FK > IK Snap buttons under Rig Main Properties. They can match the position of the IK controls to the FK one or vice-versa.

Also, there is a button called "Action" next to each of the snap buttons. It can convert an IK animation/action to an FK one and vice-versa.


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