Here is my problem. Ideally I want to procedually make frames like this. enter image description here

I start with a default cube and [mest to curve] it into some curves. After I use a custom profile shape to [curve to mesh] the curve and set the tilt to the edge normal of the cube, I got this.

enter image description here I think it is the tilt that im doing wrong. All the edges are facing wrong direction and twisted, not even close to the edge normal of the original cube. I might have the wrong understanding of how the tilt/normal/vector things work.

Can you help me to set up th node? Thanks for your time!

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I'm not sure if you would have expected such an answer with your request and if you will be happy with it, but unfortunately there is no ready solution for this task in Geometry Nodes.

What I think you're looking for doesn't even exist as a standalone modifier, unfortunately, because the way I see it, you'd like a tool that converts the edges of a mesh into a wireframe with a profile.

Unfortunately there is no such (built-in) tool.

But maybe this node tree is a solution for you:

enter image description here

Here I calculate an angle per point based on the normals of the edges and the generated tangents and normals of the curves, with which I feed the node Set Curve Tilt.

...has become a bit complex, but I don't think it can be much simpler.

Also, with all these solutions you have the problem that it is hard to create a solid mesh (depending on the profile) and it also only works with a cube.

Maybe the following articles will help you with this topic:

(Blender 3.2)


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