I joined several meshes into one using Ctrl + J.
When I assign a Boolean modifier with difference operation to my mesh - some parts of it just disappear. I've already checked double vertices and inverted normals.
What could be wrong with that?

Blend file here

Before bool diff

After bool diff


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This happens because of boolean algorithm gets buggy when you are trying to apply Difference operation to meshes that basicly consists of 2 or more joined meshes. You can pass through it following next stepps:

  1. Select crystal mesh and press TAB to enter Edit Mode
  2. Press A to select everything
  3. P > Separate > By Loose Parts to break it down into separate meshes
  4. Repeat Boolean Difference operation with desired meshes and apply boolean modifiers by hovering mouse cursor over modifier and pressing Ctrl + A
  5. Select all desired meshes and press Ctrl + J to join them back
  6. If you want to keep Boolean procedural, left modified meshes separately and join rest of them
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. Good to know that I thought the same. I was going to cut out some creases is separate objects and then join them as a mesh. But I thought maybe it was possible to do it as I described in question for more productivity 😊 $\endgroup$ Aug 3, 2022 at 10:21

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