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I'm trying to use the texture of the shirt on the right which has a repeating texture and paste it onto the shirt on the left which has no repeating textures and uses a different unwrap process. They have the same geometry but the one on the left is the one that I want to be able to use. Unfortunately, whenever I use the bake texture feature on the very right of the image, the shirt appears all black and has a tiny sliver of shirt texture that you can see on the side of the black shirt. enter image description here

This is the UV map of the black shirt. For some reason, when I bake the textures, it makes everything transparent and adds little bits of the shirt to the texture.

Here is the blend file:


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To bake the texture, both models must be in the same location and the Image Texture node in the target's material must be selected so Blender knows where to bake the image.

before baking

After the baking process, you can place the models side by side and connect the baked image texture to the Principled BSDF in the target model's material to check the result.

after baking

Your models only have one UV map but if you have models with multiple UV maps you can add a UV Map node in the Shader Editor, connect it to the target Image Texture node, and select the correct UV map for the bake.


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